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Email Author: Ellen Hopkins
Story Posted: 8/11/2004 07:20 pm

All The Rage: Couple’s Showers

Long the domain of women sampling finger sandwiches and sipping tea, the latest rage in pre-wedding celebrations is a couple’s wedding shower. Why celebrate the bride only, when the groom is an equal part of the equation? Here are some ideas for a great couple’s shower:

·Theme the shower. You might do a “gardening” theme, where each guest brings a garden tool. Other ideas are “stock the bar” (bar glasses, tools and liquor); “tool time” (toolboxes, screwdrivers, etc.). Or focus on hobbies or sports the couple enjoys.

·Create an atmosphere where both men and women will feel comfortable. While women enjoy opening gifts, men aren’t always thrilled with the idea. Provide alternate entertainments. For instance, swimming, billiards or sports on a big screen TV.

·Keeping the above in mind, where will you host the shower? In your own home? At a park, or even a water park?

·Consider the menu. Appetizers? Sub sandwiches? Hearty fare is recommended — perhaps a barbecue? Ask guests to bring side dishes. Everyone loves a good potluck. Do consider serving beer and wine. It’s a party, after all.

·Choose a date and time when guests will be ready to relax and party. Friday evenings are good, as are Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons.

·Ask the bride and groom to help you create the guest list. Everyone who is invited also should be invited to the wedding.

And what about games? While women love them, men might feel uneasy playing traditional shower games. Some co-ed ideas:

·Who Am I? When a guest arrives, tape the name of a famous person on his or her back. He or she can see everyone else’s name, but not their own. The goal is to ask other guests yes or no questions to help identify who they are.

·Twenty Questions. Before the shower, ask the bride 20 questions about the groom and herself (for instance, “Where did you meet?”). At the shower, give each guest a list of the questions and have them guess the answers. The bride and groom answer the questions together (will the groom get the answers right?), and the guests grade each other’s answers.

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