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Email Author: Ellen Hopkins
Story Posted: 7/8/2004 12:54 pm

Capture your swept away wedding virtually forever

The two of you have decided to marry "on the fly," just you and your officiate in some beautiful out-of-the-way location. That is wonderful, of course, and extremely romantic. But you’d better take plenty of photos to share with absent family and friends, and to keep your day fresh in your mind virtually forever.

For best results, bring, buy or borrow a digital camera. The images can be used to create a wedding Web site, virtual slide show, or simply to produce beautiful photographs. If all you’ve ever done with one is point and shoot, here are some tips to create truly exceptional digital photographs.

- Polarizing filters help reduce glare and reflections. If your camera doesn’t accept filters, try using your sunglasses. Place them as close to the lens as possible. (Be sure to check your viewfinder to make sure the rims aren’t visible.)

- Try shooting distance shots through binoculars, if you have them available.

- Bring plenty of memory cards. Take several shots of each scene and try them from different angles. Sometimes a straight-on shot isn’t the best angle to achieve the look you want. When you get home, discard the ones you don’t like.

- Use the highest resolution setting your camera will allow. If you have a 5- megapixel camera, shoot in 5 megapixels. This takes more memory (another reason to bring plenty with you), but ensures you can print out quality photographs later.

- Use a tripod. Yes, they’re difficult to carry, but for some shots, only a tripod will do. Look for the new ultra-small tripods that can fit in your back pocket.

- Use the self-timer. Usually it’s your witness who ends up taking photos, but once he or she leaves the scene, no need for one of you to be out of every picture. You will definitely need a tripod to take advantage of this option.

- Use the macro or close up setting to get close shots of native wildflowers, pinecones, desert insects or anything that strikes your fancy. Hold the shutter button down halfway to let your camera focus. When the light comes on, shoot.

- At home, choose the shots that really represent your day. Put them together in a virtual display you and your loved ones can cherish forever.

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