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Email Author: Ellen Hopkins
Story Posted: 5/7/2004 12:43 pm

Worry-free bachelor parties

While some brides are ok with the idea of their groom’s spending “one last night” of drinking and ogling women with the guys, others cringe. Here are some ideas for bachelor parties that won’t land the groom in hot water.

First, don’t hold a bachelor party the night before your big day. This is a time to reflect on your future lives together, rather than on all the “single fun” you’ll be missing afterward. If your wedding will be on a Saturday, consider a mid-week party, or even the weekend before.

How about a round of golf or a game of laser tag, followed by dinner at a sports bar? Physical activity can relieve the stress that’s sure to be building right about now. One word of caution: don’t try sports such as skiing or rock climbing, which might lead to broken bones or a hospital stay.

If you’re more into watching than participating, treat your wedding party to a sporting event. Hot dogs, beer and a ballgame have always been a great way to spend a day, and your bachelor party day is no exception. If you can afford box seats or a skybox, go for it.

Not into sports? How about song? Karaoke bars still are the rage, or rent the back room of your favorite restaurant and BYOM (bring your own microphone). You might even invite your buddies to write their own songs, in honor of your wedding day. Just be sure someone’s got a video camera to record the off-key event.

If your friends like poker, do it up right. Rent a hotel suite and lease a casino-style poker table from a gaming supply store. Hire a bartender, and have the hotel keep you stocked with plenty of delicious munchies. Don’t worry about winning. The pot can go to the groom for a wedding present.

Day spas aren’t only for girls. Mud baths and massages are a great way for guys to relax and feel pampered, too. Choose from a menu of services, designed to refresh every inch of your body.

Rent motorcycles (or bring your own) and cruise the back roads. Take a hummer tour. Hop into a limo and explore wineries. Your options are many, so enjoy a bachelor party to remember — and one that will make your bride love you even more.

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