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Email Author: Ellen Hopkins
Story Posted: 4/6/2004 07:39 pm

Historical Mansion Themes

Historical mansions are all the rage for weddings. Reno/Tahoe has several from which to choose - from Comstock Victorians to a Tahoe manor house. Each wears history like a tight pair of gloves. If a historic mansion is your idea of a dream setting, maybe you should wear history, too. Here are some creative ideas:

·The 1920s were a time of prohibition - and plenty of fun. What a great backdrop for your themed wedding. Arrive in a classic car, groom and groomsmen in pinstriped "zoot suits," bridesmaids in flapper-style dresses, strapped pumps and feathered headbands. The bride might wear a dropped-waist satin dress with a low satin sash. Her headpiece might be a simple veil, held in place with a wreath of blossoms. Don’t forget the seamed stockings.

Make sure your DJ can play jazz favorites - Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, etc. Hire a dance instructor to teach your guests the Charleston and other period dances. Have a photographer set up an old time "photo salon," where guests can have their pictures taken 1920s snapshot-style.

For decorations, consider a clawed bathtub (reminiscent of bathtub gin) to ice cold drinks. Brandy snifters with floating blossoms or candles make pretty centerpieces. Hang beaded curtains in the doorways. Invitations could resemble classic cars or old phonographs, or make them look like "speakeasy" invitations.

·The 1940s were the "Big Band Era." In the wake of World War II, things were simple, but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be. Again, transportation could be classic cars. If you’re not sure where to find one, try the Harrah’s Automobile Museum in Reno. Ask for the names and contact information of local classic car clubs.

Women’s attire will be "slim fitting," whether satin dresses or suits. Seamed stockings, tall heels, long gloves and simple pearl jewelry complete the classic look. For a headpiece, the bride could choose a period hat, with a net veil.

Men can wear pin-striped suits and/or army uniforms of the day. Local costume stores can help you there. Flowers will be hand-tied bouquets in your favorite colors.

Music is "swing," from Bennie Goodman to the Andrews sisters. If you can find a band who can play it, so much the better. Consider hiring a jazz band ensemble from the local high schools. Kids are always looking for some extra spending money, and many are quite good. Decorate with plastic saxophones, trumpets, etc. Float helium filled balloons over the dance floor. Consider a fountain that creates bubbles. Centerpieces can be simple wine bottles, draped with "pearls" or long white gloves, sprinkled with rose petals.

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