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How to Get Married in 24 Hours or Less!
What’s In a Courthouse?
Many couples looking for a quick wedding choose a simple courthouse ceremony. Buy your license, collar a judge, the deed is done. In Reno/Tahoe, there are a number of courthouses from which to choose, and ...

Create Your Own Outdoor Chapel
You’re ready to tie the knot - now. You had a wedding chapel in mind, but they’re all booked up. ...

Swept away in Lake Tahoe
Those fortunate enough to live at Lake Tahoe wake up every morning to the alarm ...

Match wedding date to holiday season
The right makeup lets you shine on your day
Make a memorable toast to the wedding couple

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Chapel alternatives
You’ve decided you want a simple wedding, just the two of you, and perhaps a few close friends. Reno/Tahoe is your chosen destination, but you’re not really sure a wedding chapel is exactly the right venue. You’d prefer something a ...

Capture your swept away wedding virtually forever
The two of you have decided to marry "on the fly," just you and your officiate in some beautiful out-of-the-way location. That is wonderful, of course, and extremely romantic. But you’d better take plenty of ...

A wedding with wildlife
If the two of you are animal lovers, you’re in luck. The Reno/Tahoe area is home to a spectacular array ...